Ecology business

Everybody knows ecology means biology but these days,
it is used to explain an idea to be in harmony with our life and nature.
In our company, we provide a service for harmonizing with a person and nature and contribute to the world.
  • Environment equipment sales business.

    We're working with a lot of makers that can improve an environment around us such as water and air and proposing to our customers.Ousei is domestically an official agent of PENTAIR , which mainly handles fisheries equipment
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  • Health food business

    What we have noticed is one of the ingredient of aquaculture. It is fish meal.
    Fish meal is supposed to have high protein and raised a price due to decreasing the volume of catch fish.It caused problem decreasing the volume of supplied rate.
    We're currently doing market research to find ingredients instead of fish meal.
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  • Recruitment agency business

    We're going for realizing customer's vision and those who want to work worldwide.
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