World supporting activity

We are supporting more than 50 children via NGO:World Vision Japan. Our main supporting are in Asia and the developing country.

What is the Child Sponsorship
for children all over the world?

Child sponsorship is a program managed by NGO World Vision japan.
This program is managed to provide children a healthy environment to grow up.
This program does not donate or supporting material only.World Vision works on water hygiene, health, nourishment, education, living improvement depending on the local situation and aims at fixing the necessary environment for the healthy growth of the child.If you become a Child sponsor, you can bring up one to one relation, site visit, and watch over your child "growing up"
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  • 1Fix the environment to study
    There are 57 million children who cannot go to school in the world.Child sponsorship works to enlightenment for local leader and each of the child protector to know the importance of the education and gives the chance to children to go to school.
  • 2Prevent children from disease
    Not to lose any more children from preventable disease, Child sponsor brings up the talented person who can offer health service in an area. Also, child sponsor cooperates with a local medical institution to train such as malaria and the diarrhea prevention the expectant mothers care.
  • 3Support the income of the family
    World Vision also helps to raise stock, agriculture support, vocational training, support storing, and producing group to help children's family to stable the income.If the local people realized our result of supporting, World vision will help maintain the system and lay emphasis on the upbringing talented person and inhabitants.