Environment equipment business.

We're working with a lot of makers that can improve an environment around us such as water and air and proposing to our customers.
Ousei is domestically an official agent of PENTAIR , which mainly handles fisheries equipment.


  • Industrial Wastewater Processing System
  • Rivers and Soil Purification System
  • Cultivation Environment Improvement System
  • Using various air

Ousei is domestically an official agent of PENTAIR ,which mainly handles fisheries equipment


We're handling high quality products to realize recycling and circulation of water resource.
We're selling a product of PENTAIR.
Aquaculture equipment of PENTAIR has a plenty of trading performances in fisheries developed countries.
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  • InverterPump
    This pump can adjust flow volume which the other pumps can't do.
  • Drum Filter
    We will sincerely give you some advices based on facilities flow.
  • Automatically Sorting Fish Machine
    It can sort fish automatically based on fixed weight.
  • OnlineSystem
    We will sincerely propose to you system operation such as Do management and fish body management.
  • Oxygen Cone
    We will sincerely propose you based on flow volume.

Gus dissolution equipment

How it works and working filed
This equipment can dissolute any gas into water molecules
and exhaust original gas in the water.
  • Industrial wastewater processing
    (Activated sludge and ozone processing)
  • For generating functional water
    (Nitrogen water, hydrogen water, carbon dioxide water)
  • Production(Aquaculture, Algae culture, hydroponic culture)
  • Environmental improvement(River and soil purification)
  • Resources utilization(CO2 reduction, methane collection)
Comparison O2 dissolution efficiency of Gus


Microbial mixed formulation, Bioway combine various microbial long years of research
This is added complex enzyme to boost immediate effect.
That is absolutely safety and no-pollution microbial inoculants.
Effect of Bioway
  • Analysis BOD (industrial wastewater, pollution river,
    lakes and marshes,culture)
  • Analysis Protein and Starch.
  • Analysis Organic compound containing sludge.
  • Resolution water with high turbidity.
  • Resolution intestinal bacteria in farmed fish
    and livestock.
  • Inhibition growth of Escherichia coli O-157 and