Employment information

For those who desire to apply your language skills,
those who have a challenge spirit!
For those who work worldwide and prove yourself out of Japan !
Come to Ousei !

Work with pleased by earth and society.

Why don't we jump on hope ship and environment revolution wind.Then, let's go to the future.
We're the pioneer who make a new way.
  • From CEO
    " I'm always thinking about happiness of the employees to be the best company for our customers"
    We aim to be the best company for our customers with wind of high promising market. For that, first of all, we need to reinforce this organization and in 50 years or 100 years, we have to create the company that be needed by the world. On the other hand, we set one goal to be listed on Stock.It means that it's going to be extremely important for us next 5 years.
    We're planning to reinforce our international business and start a new business with the times that is going to be a part of our main business. For that, I'm always thinking about happiness of our employees to be the best company for the customers. For those who want to take a challenge and improve their talent in the new environment, we will help you to develop your ability and the field is ready for it. It'd be great if I could work with those who totally agree with our thought and take a challenge for the future positively.
  • " We do have some of training programs
    you can try different task."
    It's great to see you. I'm Atarashi who is in charge of the personnel department.Thank you for getting interested in our company even though there's a lot of companies. The main part of our business is basically e-scrap recycling so that we've been working as a trade company that specializes so far. Since 2015, we have been starting new businesses, such as water recycling business and water purifying. It sounds like quite expert so you might feel our work is quite hard but don't feel pressured. In our company, if you are new graduate or mid-career, it doesn't matter. Each of new employees have a chance to take a training course in our company. You will be able to learn basic knowledge as such as Japanese manner and appearance in business situation. However, there's a program you go to real workplace with sweating. We always learn different knowledge from those experiences.First of all, I'd like you to know us very well. Please check our information on this website. You would know us much more. Someone working honestly and hard, someone who want to work by using your language abilities, we're waiting for you!


  • Training program

    Prospective employee training course.We establish this program because prospective employee can easily fit into new surroundings.You can work and talk with our employee before working for our company. We keep in mind to make an environment where you can easily work.
    Kick off training for prospective employee.
    You can learn how feeling you should have before entering in our company to be able to prove yourself when you enter in.You can also brash up your communication ability and teamwork skill.
    ※Kick off means beginning.
    Environment and habit maintenance training for prospective employee.
    You will master how to maintain environment and manner in business situation.You can learn sorting, setting in order, and standardizing for making an environment you can work easily.
    ※Maintenance environment is to clean and get ready for working easily.
    ※Organization make the quality and efficiency of working get increased and standardizing makes the quality get better.
    Selling training for prospective employee.
    You will be visiting at customer's house and do selling activity and will learn how important each of customers is.You will try to unlock your limit through this training as well.
    ※Selling activity is to visit the customer's house and propose a useful idea for customers.
  • Employee training course.

    You can learn essential things for working such as an ability of communication, manner in business situation.
    Actual training for employee.
    Training of maintenance environment , benchmarking, and manner in business situation.We want you to be an efficient worker and you will learn three important things through this training.
    ◇Can I join?:After working 1 year you can go this training.
    ※Meaning of efficient person is a person who can make an action speedy.
    Environment maintenance joint training.
    You can learn actual how to clean and how to think of environment maintenance.You might be used to being in the culture of Ousei.The other point is this reminds you of the experience when you joined environment and habit maintenance training for prospective employee and please find out how you changed, please review yourself.
    ※Maintenance environment is to clean and get ready for working easily.
    ※Organization make the quality and efficiency of working get increased and standardizing makes the quality get better.
    Selling training for employee.
    This is a real selling training. You will learn how hard to sell a product to customers.The reason why you are going to do the same thing, because we'd like you to step up much more than when you did selling training for prospective employee.
    ◇Can I Join? : After 1 years since when you join the seminar for employee
    ※Selling activity is to visit the customer's house and propose a useful idea for customers.
  • Training course for leaders.

    Leaders will learn basic roles for leaders and have conscious to solve a problem of management.
    Real training for leaders.
    Leaders are going to learn basic knowledge for leaders such as making a strong organization, employees management, positive thinking for leaders and financial management.
    ◇Can I join ? Already joined selling training and position is more than leaders
    ※Meaning of leaders, the management member of a company.
    Real G up training.
    You can learn rules, principal, and know-how to get performance improvement.You will deeply know how important numbers and analysis our company to manage a company with CEO.
    ※Meaning of G is current profit. It's inevitable number in this company.
※We took part in the another trainings as well.

For changing your life

1. The thinking of we will be happy one time.

Happiness is not coming automatically. Look around the world, we should positivity make a move to find something you could feel achieve. Appreciate to your life , appreciate to yourself. Appreciate to every moments everyday. Live and think tomorrow won't come. Do your best in any situations. Happiness is always inside of your heart. If one notice it, everybody can be happy from this moment. Not looking for it, notice that it's there.

2. Weird obsessiveness.

" This is who I am " This is the serious accusation. One's thoughtful is always changing.Don't conclude. That'd be great if you take someone's idea at times. If you do like this, you might get a lot of opportunities to learn.

3 Cling to the past.

Stop looking back to the past. If you're attached with your fail in your past, that's a waste of time. Everybody making mistakes. Think of that it is a good lesson and go forward. You can't go for your life in true meaning if you always look back. The most important thing is now , right now.

4. The illusion of pursuing 100% ideal partner.

The perfect human doesn't exist in this world. Neither of the perfect partner.If you have some of check lists, would recommend you to throw away that immediately.That's the reason why you can't meet someone nice.

5. Making an excuse.

You don't have a time to make an excuse. Want to do exercise but no time. Wake up early, why don't you go to a park or gym. Everybody excuse to deceive themselves when they can't do what they want to do. If you need an obvious result, don't excuse, let's begin.

6 Be long.

Anyways you will be doing that tomorrow so don't stop and think. Live this moment and do what you have to do. You have to make the best use of time to prove your ability.Do your work as soon as possible you can. If you're done things you have to do, it would decrease your stressful and worries. It also would connect to increase the time you can enjoy something you love.

7. Whinge.

How many times did you think things negatively? What you've done returns you so right now, change your mind. What do you think if there's a cup which is nearly filled by water? Don't think like " Half of the cup is empty". " The cup is already filled with water" is obviously better than the other thinking. If you could appreciate to every each things, your life would be spectacular. There's nothing you can't do if you are always thinking positively.

8. Anger, frustration.

Is there somebody who've been misunderstanding and upsetting to you? If there is, please find out a way to make up positively. On the other hand, if there's somebody who you're upsetting, try to find the one's best part. You should be with somebody who you really enjoy being with.


  • 1
    Accepting applications・Screening process
    Send your resume to our address.
    We're sincerely doing screening process.
  • 2
    First interview, Second interview
    ( Aptitude test )
    You will take an aptitude test at first interview and second interview.
  • 3
    Final interview
    We're going to do final interview and our workplace visit.
  • 4
    Notice of job offer
    You will get a notice of job offer.


  • New graduates
  • Intermediate
  • Job type Regular position ( Domestic・Overseas Sales / Trading office job )
    Job description Your assignment is General Staff for the beginning. You will be reassigned to Domestic sales, oversea sales , or trading by your aptitude.
    Starting salary JPY 240,000 (2018 April result)
    Pay raise・Bonus Depends on a result
    Location 502 Yotsubashi Building 1-5-7 Shinmachi Nishi-ku Osaka Japan 550-0013
    Working hours 8:30 ~ 17:30 ( actual working hours : 8 hours, recess : 1 hour )
    About us Accept Recent College Grad, Transportation fee support (MAX JPY 20,000)
    Prospective employee training, Possible to work as a Part-time worker.
    Holiday Saturday and Sunday ※There are several times of Saturday working day.Pay off ( we encourage using pay off system ) Golden week, Summer holiday, National holiday, New year holiday, Congratulation or condolence leave , Bon holidays.
    Recruitment history Kansai University, Kansai College of Business & Languages , Kansai Gaidai University , Kyoto University Graduate School, Doshisya University, Kyoto University of foreign studies, The University of Kitakyushu, Kindai University, University of Hyogo, Yamaguchi University, Ryukoku University.
  • Occupation General Staff(Domestic・Oversea sales staff / trading staff)
    Form of employment Regular staff.
    Job description Your assignment is General Staff for the beginning.  You will be reassigned to Domestic sales, oversea sales, or trading by your aptitude.
    Application condition 【We welcome the people who correspond to the list】
    ・High linguistic ability
    Qualification We welcome inexperienced person
    Salary Over JP \250,000(including 30 hours of overtime work) Recent college grad ( under 3 years of working) or never worked before is JPY 240,000.
    Pay raise / Bonus Depends on business results.
    Regular working hours 8:15 ~ 17:15. Actual work time 8 hours, 1hour lunch break. Long vacation, Transportation fee support(Maximum JPY 20,000)
    Holiday and vacation Saturday and Sunday, There are several times of Saturday working day.
    Pay off ( We encourage using pay off system) Golden week, summer holiday, National holiday, New Year Holiday, Congratulation or condolence leave, Bon holidays.
E-crap recycling division
【Sales team】
Our main work is to import used PC, smart phone, digital appliance, precious metal such as gold, silver, bronze, and precious metal from all over the world and send it to the Japanese company that recycles the resources. We are now putting effort on developing new customer around the world. Therefore, our sales team has a chance to have a business trip to do business with our customer in North America, South America, and Europe more than once a month.
【Sales support team】
Our main job is to support our sales team, solve our customer's inquiry , collecting、information ,documentation, arrangement of the import and export and distribution.