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For those who desire to apply your language skills,
those who have a challenge spirit!
For those who work worldwide and prove yourself out of Japan !
Come to Ousei !

Work with pleased by earth and society.

Why don't we jump on hope ship and environment revolution wind.Then, let's go to the future.
We're the pioneer who make a new way.
  • From CEO
    "I have been always thinking about employees’ happiness to achieve the best for our clients"
    As our aim is to be the best company for clients in one of the most growing market lately, we see we would need to reinforce the organization to build and straighten up our company entity strongly demanded from society more than in 50 years to 100 years.
    We have set one of our goal to be listed on TSX (Tokyo Stock Exchange), and that will have an extremely important meaning for us.
    We are certainly planning to expand and develop our international business, but also to start new related businesses which will be demanded in the future, and prospectively those will be our main as well.
    I have been always thinking about employees' happiness to stay creative and achieve the best for clients.
    For those who want to take a challenge and brush your talents and abilities up in new fields, we have such circumstances, atmosphere and our open business culture. It would be amazing if I could have you as in my big family to work together whilst you agree with our thoughts and give yourselves a challenge for the future positively.
    CEO Jack Pan
  • " We do have variety of training programs to give a challenge. "
    Hello I'm Kengo Funada, Managing Director of recycling business.
    Thank you for having interest in our company whilst there is many of companies in the world. We have been through over a decade as an international trading company specialized on environmental issues as we have put our main business on E-scrap recycling.
    It might sound like very high expertise and difficult field, but please do not worried. We do have variety of training programs regardless of your status that if you are fresh-recruit, or from mid-career, and all of you have a chance equally to take training programs in our company.
    There is some of this basic lectures to learn Japanese business manners and courtesies such like how to care your appearance here. But also there's some programs that you can go and learn on-site actively by physical works and getting sweat. All of us have always been learning knowledge and new things from on-site experience.
    I would say, I would like you to know us very well at first. Please check our company details on this website. I am awaiting of your job-application for those who can work sincerely and honestly and hard, using your language abilities as an advantages.
    Managing Director Kengo Funada


  • 1
    Accepting applications・Screening process
    Send your resume to our address.
    We're sincerely doing screening process.
  • 2
    First and second interviews ※New graduates only
    (Aptitude test)(Career interview)
    You will take an aptitude test at first interview and second interview.
  • 3
    Final interview
    We're going to do final interview and our workplace visit.
  • 4
    Notice of job offer
    You will get a notice of job offer.


  • New graduates
  • Intermediate
  • JPY 296,000 (From 2022 April)*/?>
    Job type Regular position ( Domestic・Overseas Sales / Trading office job )
    Job description Your assignment is General Staff for the beginning. You will be reassigned to Domestic sales, oversea sales , or trading by your aptitude.
    Starting salary JPY 306,000
    Pay raise・Bonus Depends on a result
    Location 502 Yotsubashi Building 1-5-7 Shinmachi Nishi-ku Osaka Japan 550-0013
    Working hours 8:30 ~ 17:30 ( actual working hours : 8 hours, recess : 1 hour )
    About us Accept Recent College Grad, Transportation fee support (MAX JPY 20,000)
    Prospective employee training, Possible to work as a Part-time worker.
    Holiday Saturday and Sunday ※There are several times of Saturday working day.Pay off ( we encourage using pay off system ) Golden week, Summer holiday, National holiday, New year holiday, Congratulation or condolence leave , Bon holidays.
    Recruitment history Kansai University, Kansai College of Business & Languages , Kansai Gaidai University , Kyoto University Graduate School, Doshisya University, Kyoto University of foreign studies, The University of Kitakyushu, Kindai University, University of Hyogo, Yamaguchi University, Ryukoku University.
  • Occupation General Staff(Domestic・Oversea sales staff / trading staff)
    Form of employment Regular staff / Contract staff
    Job description Your assignment is General Staff for the beginning.  You will be reassigned to Domestic sales, oversea sales, or trading by your aptitude.
    Application condition 【We welcome the people who correspond to the list】
    ・High linguistic ability
    Qualification We welcome inexperienced person
    Salary JPY 322,000
    Pay raise / Bonus Depends on business results.
    Regular working hours 8:15 ~ 17:15. Actual work time 8 hours, 1hour lunch break. Long vacation, Transportation fee support(Maximum JPY 20,000)
    Holiday and vacation Saturday and Sunday, There are several times of Saturday working day.
    Pay off ( We encourage using pay off system) Golden week, summer holiday, National holiday, New Year Holiday, Congratulation or condolence leave, Bon holidays.
E-Scrap recycling division
【Sales team】
Our main work is to import and export used PC, smart phone, digital appliance, precious metal such as gold, silver, copper, and precious metal from all over the world and send it to the Japanese/developed national’s company that recycles the resources. We are now putting effort on developing new customer around the world. Therefore, our sales team has a chance to have a business trip to do business with our customer in North America, South America, and Europe more than once a month.
【Recycling Sales Administration Department】
Our main job is to support our sales team, solve our customer's inquiry , collecting、information ,documentation, arrangement of the import and export and distribution.