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What we have noticed is one of the ingredient of aquaculture.
It is fish meal. Fish meal is supposed to have high protein and raised a price due to decreasing the volume of catch fish. It caused problem decreasing the volume of supplied rate. We're currently doing market research to find ingredients instead of fish meal.
  • Ingredients with protein from an insect, BSFL

    It can be used for pig breeding, farming chicken, aquaculture, aquarium fish and reptiles as an ingredient.


This contains amino acid composition which are different from fish food and soybean protein.
This is verified the positive effect with feeding BSFL.
  • Improvement an efficiency of feed ingredient
  • Improvement immunity
  • Improvement meat quality
  • Growing Conversion coefficient
  • Improvement intestines environment
  • Improvement body color
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1.Including high protein 2.Including essential amino acids 3.High Palatability
Protein Ash Lipid the others
Fish food BSFL


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Personnel : Kenichi Taira
  • Dry BSFL
  • Powder BSFL
  • BSFL Oil