Privacy Policy

OUSEI SHOJI (hereinafter referred to as Our company) has rights possessed by the individual Protection of personal information. Important is respect a person's rights. Client information will at all times be treated as highly confidential , and It is considered to be a social responsibility. Compliance with laws and regulations and other regulations regarding personal information. Established the following as personal information protection policy, well known to officers and employees, we will go far in disclosing information.
1.We will obtain your personal information
Our company get to the extent necessary for doing business, an appropriate your privacy information.
2.Use of personal information
Our company to use the extent necessary, For the accomplishment of your personal information a predetermined purpose.
3.Provision of personal information
Generally our company do not disclose personal information without the consent.There is possible to provide personal information to third parties in accordance with laws and regulations.
4.Ensure the accuracy of personal information
Our company, We always accuracy and the latest content We will strive to keep your personal information.
5.Ensure the safety of personal information
Our company, Leakage of your personal information, Loss, Damage, Manipulation and for the purpose of prevention of theft, personal, Physics, also it has taken the technical safety management measures.
6.Proper handling of personal information
Our company, With regarding officers and employees, carry out protection of personal information education and training, Develop the internal rules, Proper handling of personal information We will carry out thorough measures as business.
7.For subcontractors facing supervision of trustees
Our company, The handling of personal information if held by our company, For contractors, The way to do regular audits to the appropriate supervision.
8.Regarding to personal information protection laws and others norm observance.
We will comply with the guidelines regarding the law for personal information laws and protection for personal information.
May 2014 OUSEI Shoji
President Jack Pan