Redesigned iScrap App features historical prices, market trends

iScrap App, a resource that provides market insights, updated scrap metal prices and scrap yard information to scrappers in the United States and Canada, has announced the release of iScrap 2.0. In its biggest update since 2017, the Rockaway, New Jersey-based company says several new features have been added to the completely redesigned app.

The app has added historical price charts in addition to reporting local scrap prices. The iScrap development team also put a focus on implementing technology that allows users to directly upload scrap receipts into the app.

Catalytic converter quotes from still can be requested within the app, while the updated navigation bar makes it easier to find new scrap yards and check national prices averages. While these features are not new, iScrap App says they have been upgraded completely and enhanced visually from the previous version.

“Since 2011, when we first launched, we have learned more about technology, users’ needs and wants and how to make the industry more open and transparent,” says Tom Buechel, founder of iScrap App. “I believe we accomplished our goal of bringing that transparency with the newest version of the iScrap App.”

The latest version of the iScrap App is available for free and can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.