Meet Quantum Lifecycle, Canada’s new processing giant

GEEP Canada and the Shift Group of Companies recently merged to form the largest e-scrap company in Canada. An executive at the firm said a crowded marketplace and evolving materials stream helped drive the move.

Global Electric Electronic Processing (GEEP) Canada and the Shift Group, which is made up of end-of-life processor Shift Recycling and ITAD provider Revolution,

first announced in September they were combining to form Quantum Lifecycle Partners.


Officially formed Oct. 1, Quantum Lifecycle has eight processing facilities in four provinces and over 400 employees.

The combined company is owned 50-50 by owners of each of the prior companies. Gary Diamond, founder of Shift Recycling, serves as president of Quantum Lifecycle.

In a recent interview with E-Scrap News, Clayton Miller, vice president of business development-EOL at Quantum Lifecycle,

explained how tight competition in Canada and a changing e-scrap stream led to the conclusion that “a merger of equals” made sense.