Employee benefits

We're going for realizing customer's vision and those who want to work worldwide.
  • Homecoming Allowance

    supplying for all staff who would go visit parents/grandparents including foreign-origins twice per year.

  • Marriage Celebration Allowance

    covering your dinner cost or present cost to your spouse on your marriage anniversary date.

  • Meal-With-Parents Allowance

    supplying to go out eat any meals [Breakfast/Lunch/Branch/Dinner] covering once per year. It is very valuable to go out with your parents once you become adult, isn’t it?

  • Respect-for-the-Aged Day/Father’s Day/Mother’s Day

    covering any meals as same as Meal-With-Parents Allowance or present cost once for each of those Japan national holidays. You exist now and can live just because your parents, grandparents, and all of your ancestors when you look back your roots. Why don’t you say thank you to them with a respectful mind?

  • Family Allowance

    We supply allowance every month for your spouse and up to two your children. Declining birthrate? That is not for us. We do support not only all staff but also their families, that is Ousei culture.

  • Spouse Medical-check Allowance

    supplying to each spouses who have been supportive for us to have medical check. * Medical check which is defined based on Industrial Safety and Health Act is to be covered, and can be appointed at the closest place from each home.

  • Home Allowance

    supplying for all staff who are owning houses or renting houses/apartment. (Cover Rate depends on length you have been working)

Business License Number
  • ◇Dispatching human resources business Authorized number 27-303249
  • ◇Pay introduction job Authorized number 27-302376


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※We definitely use any information about you for only introduction job based on Japanese law
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