Water sterilization and decoloration with Ozone.

Our world leading gas dissolving technique has made it possible to use
Ozonized water safely for decolorating and sterilize than any other products.
We already have successful examples in tertiary treatment of wastewater, cleaning, and food sterilization.


There are no gas loss while dissolving ozone.
This has made decolorize, deodorize, and sterilize even easier and safe.

  1. 01

    None gas diffusion and safe to use.

    The picture shown above is a food processing a company using our almost non-bubble ozone dissolving machine. As the picture below, you can see the ORP has risen that means that the ozone are really dissolving into the water.

    • DO(mg/l)
    • ORP(mV)
  2. 02

    Great effect to decoloration, deodorization, and sterilization.

    The picture above is the ozone decoloration test by Paper mill for paper manufacture general drainage.
    It has started the decoloration effect in 2 hours.

  3. 03

    Compact size and saves space.

    The picture above is the ozone water sterilization process at food processing facility.
    If the water amount is small, it is possible to connect directly to the tap to use the ozone water.


Here are some examples for ozone decoloration.

The result of ozone decoloration.

  • Water type
    Spinning mill dyeing waste water
  • Water quality
    x200 chromaticity
  • Our goal
    x30 chromaticity
  • Testing method
    Put 140L of Raw wastewater to the tank and check the chromaticity every 30minutes.

  1. Raw wastewater
  2. While testing

After the test, it has successfully reached the number that we expected. The color has been gone and it looks like clear water.
While the test, there was no bad smell of ozone came out.

Start Raw water 30min 60min 90min 120min
chromaticity x200 x65 x50 x28 x20
ORP(mV) 280 326 579 750 741

Improvement Flow

This is the actual process flow of decoloration
and sterilization with ozone water.

Ozone water decoloration and sterilization flow.

Ozone water decoloration and sterilization flow.

Saving space

Needs deep or tall dissolving tank to increase dissolving efficiency.
Our gas replacing technique needs no extra dissolving tank.

High safety by perfect dissolving technique.

The conventional technology was not possible to dissolve the whole gas to the water. If the ozone is not dissolved into the water, it is easily discharged into the air.
Our Oxygen Fighter dissolves oxygen in high rate. It stays inside the water and prevents from discharged into the air.

Decrease Ozone loss

The conventional technology uses ozone aeration. But even using the microbubble in a very efficient way, the bubble lasts short and discharged to the air. This is a lot of waste of ozone gas.
Our system is almost non bubble dissolving, so there are almost no gas loss.