River and soil purification

Supplies oxygen from the bottom of the water and rises the DO value of the whole water
tank to improve water quality, decompose sediment sludge, decrease algae and odor removal.


We contribute to improving river
and soil with our product.

  1. 01

    Improved anaerobic state and bad odor with our Oxygen Fighter.

    Improve bad odor caused by anaerobic state by supplying high DO water to the bottom of the water.

  2. 02

    Settle life cycle and make river filled with life.

    Activate microbe and rebuild the life cycle to purify the river.

  3. 03

    Decrease sedimented sludge and improve the landscape.

    Our Oxygen Fighter has successful results of pond water purification.By the effect of aerobic states, the sediment sludge will decompose and water clarity. Finally, it improved the landscape.


Here are our successful examples of river purification.

Sucessful examples.

Tinga lake - Vietnam

Tinga lake - Vietnam

  1. Hydrogen sulfide was coming out from the water as bubble.
  2. After installing Oxygen FIghter.
  1. The sedimented sludge is in anaerobic condition.
  2. After installing Oxygen FIghter.
  3. Microbes going through the sludge decomposing the sludge.

Outline of our river purification by Oxygen Fighter.

・River purification
Firstly, pump up the water from downstream and dissolve water to high DO value water.
Secondary, it goes through microorganism culture tank and discharged to the upstream.
With enough oxygen supplied to the water, microbes start to decompose organic substances.
Circulating water from downstream to upstream makes a cycle effect.

Effect by the river purification.

  1. DO : 0.63mg/L
  2. After installing Oxygen FIghter.
  3. DO : 8.2mg/L
  1. Before purifying.
  2. After installing Oxygen FIghter.
  3. After purification.
  • Decreased sediment sludge into half and changed characteristic.
    Decreased sludge into half!(Decreased 200mm of sediment sludge to 100mm in 24days.)
  • Improve environment of life forms by decreasing sludge. Fish has increased inside river and ponds.
  • More successful examples are available such as improved bad odor and decreased harmful insects nearby the water.

Soil purification

  • Supplying DO to polluted ground water activates the microbes and the microbes start decomposing the polluted organic substances.
  • We have examples that the activated microbes has purified oil pollution. We also have a measurement system to collect data and monitor how the process is going.

Improvement Flow

Create healthy life environment and decrease sludge
and organic water pollution.

River, pond purification process flow.

River, pond purification process flow.