Industrial wastewater
improvement system

We have successful examples in the paper factory, dyeing plants, and food processing factory.


Decrease cost and solve the problem
by using the power of microbes.

  1. 01Oxygen Fighter

    Oxygen Fighter

    Effective improvement for ORP and odor.

    Food processing factory: Discharge 220m³/day. Equalizing tank (20m³), five aeration tank (175m³ each).
    Our product has successfully made the water to stay at the aerobic state and decreased toxic substances such as Hydrogen sulfide.

  2. 02Oxygen Fighter

    Oxygen Fighter

    Adaptable to load functions.

    Toilets of leisure facility have high load on holidays, but after our Oxygen Fighter is installed to the biological treatment tank, it supplies high oxygenated water around the tank and keeps high DO rate.

  3. 03Aqua Blaster

    Aqua Blaster

    Our product can skip the pressure flotation process.

    Before installing Aqua Blaster, this food processing facility was processing 100m³ oil-containing wastewater per day. But after installing Aqua Blaster, we can now process water without using expensive flotation unit.

    Raw wastewater

    BOD 800㎎/ℓ
    SS 600㎎/ℓ
    n-hex 150㎎/ℓ

    After processing

    BOD 120㎎/ℓ
    SS 80㎎/ℓ
    n-hex 10㎎/ℓ


Our unique technology dissolves oxygen inside water so efficiently.
By dissolving oxygen efficiently it can raise processing capacity and reduce cost.


  1. Aeration tank does not keep enough
    DO to process the waste water.
  2. Solution
  3. High DO rate water supply by Oxygen Fighter.
    High DO dissolving efficiency by Aqua Blaster.




  1. Processing High load wastewater
  2. Solution
  3. Make a complete cycle of our original microbe
    and supply enough oxygen inside the water.

Microbes inactivated.Microbes inactivated.

Microbes activated.Microbes activated.


  1. High load changing wastewater.
  2. Solution
  3. Oxygen Fighter can provide quick
    response to load change.



Improvement Flow

We will propose the machines and settings
by matching to our supplier's equipment.

Oxygen Fighter Process Flow

Oxygen Fighter process flow

For facilities,
that has these problems...

  • Low DO rate.
  • High load changing wastewater.
  • Need to process high load wastewater.
  • Facility that water quantity rises.

Installing examples

  1. 1. For flow quantity adjustment tank.
  2. 2. For aeration tank.
  3. 3. For returning sludge.

Aqua Blaster process flow

Aqua Blaster process flow

For facilities,
that has these problems...

  • Low DO rate.
  • Too much sediment sludge.
  • High electricity fee by using the blower.
  • High running cost of flotation unit.