India clears imports from US, EU, UK to two new ports

India’s Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) will allow imports of scrap metal from six nations to 10 designated Indian ports without a Pre-shipment Inspection Certificate (PSIC). The PSIC-free procedure for shredded and unshredded ferrous and nonferrous scrap now applies to the Kazira and Kamarajar ports.

In a notice posted to the DGFT website Jan. 14, the agency adds those two ports to eight previous ones that have attained the non-PSIC status for scrap shipped from the United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, New Zealand and the United Kingdom

Scrap from those six nations and regions will continue to be subject to radiation detection checks and scans for explosives, the DGFT says.

The exemptions will not apply to trans-shipments that involved other nations before or after the cargo arrives in India.