Gas application

Our technology uses mainly oxygen and ozone but we can dissolve carbon dioxide,
nitrogen, and hydrogen for multiple uses.


Usage dissolved gasses.

CO2(Carbon dioxide)

Usage of CO2

Dissolve 40% of CO2 inside biogas to culture algae and collect the high-purity methane.
It is used to decrease CO2 from thermal power plant and circulate the resource of the primary industries, secondary industry.


  • Build a carbon neutral society.
  • Culture algae and seaweed by carbon dioxide water.
  • Collect high purity methane (over 90% purity).


Flow example of making deoxygenated water.

What is deoxygenated water made by dissolving nitrogen?

Oxygen Fighter dissolves the gas between the water molecules to pure gas and discharges the dissolved gas out.
The picture on the left is an easy flow how the oxygen been dissolved and discharged out from the machine.

Deoxygenated water corrosion test.

Iron nail corrision test inside deoxidation water.

Restrain progress of corrosion.

For cooling water for the boiler of industrial water.

Usage of Deoxygenated water

Drinking water
Extend conservation period
Deoxygenated ice
There is almost none nitrogen discharge when the ice melted.

Changes of Do value while dissolving nitrogen.

  • Dissolve oxygen to maximum capacity level.
  • By replacing the Nitrogen, It discharged almost all of the oxygen out of the water.


Hydrogen water generating process

Changes of dissolved hydrogen value.

  1. Before dissolving hydrogenDH0.004ppm

  2. 2minutes laterDH1.370ppm

  3. 5minutes laterDH1.712ppm

  4. 28minutes laterDH2.117ppm

Deoxidation by the hydrogen dissolution

Usage of hydrogen water

  • Drinking water
  • Hydrogen bath
  1. Before
    Low hydrogen
  2. After
    High hydrogen dissolved in the water by Oxygen Fighter.