Odor improving system

Earth friendly and compact.
Our high-performance scrubber processes the gasses that cause atmospheric pollution.


Solve problems by the combination of the high-performance scrubber
and our OUSEI technology.

  1. 01

    High odor capture rate.

    Comparing to the other scrubber system, our Biodeorizer generates water film inside the machine that has a high liquid-gas contacting rate. This water film is effective that is possible to catch odorant such as water-soluble VOC.

  2. 02

    Reusing water.

    Our Biodeorizer has our high circulation product "Aqua blaster" inside. This two combination has made the water to be circulated and reused itself.
    At the food processing facility, we have an example that the water was still reusable for 4 months.

  3. 03

    Removes wide odorant types.

    Our Biodeoraizer is a machine that combined with scrubbing system and bio-deodorization system. With these two combinations, it is now possible to remove a wide variety of odorants such as paint plant that has many odorants that are so difficult to remove.


This is the list of the odorants that are capable of removing by Biodeorizer.

Processes wide varieties of chemical substances.

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Substance name Substance reduction result Water solubility neutralization Air flow
Ammonia 54g / 100ml necessary 0.75~1.0m/sec
Trimethylamine 108g / 100ml
Dimethylamine 23.7g / 100ml
Diethylamine Completely dissolved
Methanethiol 23g / 100ml necessary 0.75~1.0m/sec
Hydrogen sulfide 0.67g / 100ml
dimethyl sulfide Not found
Methyl disulfide Not found
Aldehydes Formaldehyde Completely dissolved unnecessary 0.5~0.75m/sec
Acetaldehyde Optional
Propionaldehyde △ ~ ○ 22g / 100ml
Normal butyl aldehyde △ ~ ○ Not found
Isobutyraldehyde △ ~ ○ 11g / 100ml
Isomer veleraldehyde △ ~ ○ Not found
Isovaleraldehyde △ ~ ○ Not found
Isobutanol △ ~ ○ 8.7g / 100ml
VOC Ethyl acetate 8.7g・100ml unnecessary 0.5m/sec or less
Methyl isobutyl ketone 1.8wt%
Toluene × ~ △ Insoluble
Xylene × ~ △ Insoluble unnecessary 0.5m/sec or less
Styrene × ~ △ 30mg / 100ml
Isopropyl alcohol Completely dissolved
Methylethylene △ ~ ○ 29g / 100ml
Formaldehyde Completely dissolved
propyl acetate 2.3wt%
Cyclohexane × ~ △ Insoluble
Phenol △ ~ ○ 8.3g / 100ml
PGME Completely dissolved
PGMEA 20g / 100ml
N-methyl-2-pyrrolidone △ ~ ○ Not found
Acetone △ ~ ○ Optional
Methanol Optional
Ethanol Optional
Fatty acid Propionic acid △ ~ ○ Not found necessary 0.5~0.75m/sec
Normal butyric acid △ ~ ○ Not found
Normal valeric acid △ ~ ○ Not found
Isovaleric acid △ ~ ○ Not found

Improvement Flow

Here are our process flow and specific benefits.

Deodorizing flow

Deodorizing flow

Introduction examples

Construcion machine painting facility

There was many claims from the neighbor hood because of the stimulation odor caused by the formaldehyde, nicotine, and tar while using red gas at coating drying furnace.
Inside the facility, there was only few space to install Bio Deorizer but our Bio Deorizer is very compact that it was still fittable inside the facility.

Gas density data.

  Before using BioDeorizer After first month After second month After the fourth month
Before 350 250 300 250
After 1 2 2 1

Gas quantitative analysis data

  Primary odor First process Second process
Formaldehyde(ppm) 400 2

※Photo of the installed facility.