Aquaculture environment
improvement system

Our system improves water quality and cultivates fish, shrimp, and eel at the healthy environment.

OUSEI Cultivation technology.

OUSEI Water Solutions are the company that challenges to increase green and circulate the limited water resources. We really would you like to get foods that healthy and safety. And to be happy.


Microbial power improves the cultivation environment
and increases yield.

  1. 010101

    Keeps the healthy cultivation environment.

    Not like another system that supplies oxygen for fishes, our system supplies oxygen to the microbes under the water.
    As the result of supplying oxygen to microbes, healthy cultivation environment is maintained.

  2. 020202

    Making nitrifying cycle to detoxify ammonium.

    If the oxygen is supplied correctly to the water, it is possible to detoxify ammonium to harmless nitrate nitrogen and prevent from ammonium pollution caused by feed leftovers and fish feces.

  3. 030303

    Our product have successful examples that have increased the yield of fishes.

    With enough oxygen supply, the digestion of feeds increase and decrease the fish moving for oxygen.


In Aquaculture industry, it is possible to improve water quality
with supplying oxygen to microbes.

Reduce culture period by the microbial effects.

Reduce culture period

It is possible to ship as young fish by "Doyo No Ushi No Hi" (Midsummer Day of the Ox).

※Example from Indonesian shortfin eel.

Increasing the production of shellfish and shrimp at the bottom of the water.

Increased 4times of production

Possible to culture double with enough supply of Oxygen. (80shrimp/m²)

※Example of 250m²
Number increased from 5000 to 20000.

Decrease protein rate by cultured fish increased eating feeds.

→Low protein feeds +microbes + minerals = The yield increased.

(Decreased 20% of protein rate inside the feeds.)

No more lack of DO in dense aquaculture.

  1. Oxygen
  2. Microbical
    water quality improvement

Solved the issue of DO decreasing rapidly while feeding. This effect made shrimps appetite lasts long.

The extra oxygen consumption decreased because the feed left over decreased by shrimps appetite lasts long.

Improvement Flow

The only technology all over the world that made it possible to keep supplying oxygen
to the bottom of the tank.

Cultivation environment improving flow

Cultivation environment improving flow

How microbes work in the system.

By the characteristic of Oxygen Fighter, supplied rich oxygen stays at the bottom of the water so it can oxidize the left feeds and fish feces to keep the water quality in the healthy state.


  • Possible to dissolve and keep high DO value at summer time.
  • Resist DO decrease while feeding.
  • Improve the environment from the bottom of the water by high desolving water.
  • Change harmful ammonium to nitric acid by oxygen.
  • Aerobic state prevents organic substances becoming decay.
  • Decompose feel leftovers by the aerobic microbes.
  • Prevent ammonium occurrence.
  • Our almost non-bubble oxygen dissolving technology keeps the high DO state and prevents from pneumatophores disease.