High gas dissolution machine

Oxygen Fighter


World leading almost non-bubble gas dissolving machine
that has the high oxygen-dissolving ability.

How it works and where it is used.

Inject the gas inside the water molecule and discharge the existing gas from the water.

  • Industrial wastewater processing(Activated sludge and ozone processing)
  • For generating functional water(Nitrogen water, hydrogen water, carbon dioxide water)
  • Production(Aquaculture, Algae culture, hydroponic culture)
  • Environmental improvement(River and soil purification)
  • Resources utilization(CO2 reduction, methane collection)

World leading almost non bubble gas dissolving machine

  • Dissolving water to "air"
    Dissolves the existing gas out of the water so that makes it possible to dissolve any gas inside the water.
  • Gas dissolving Nearly:100%
    It dissolves 25 to 30㎎/ℓ in the first process of the wastewater.
  • No effects by SS
    Dissolving gasses inside the molecule won't be interrupted by the water quality.

Water molecule cluster structure concept.

There is 62% of gap between the water molecules.

By dissolving the gas inside th water molecule, we have made the efficient circulation process with dissolving oxygen to the theoretical value.

Oxygen dissolution efficiency comparison

Bubble size comparison

We have a demo machine for testing our product.
This demo machine is rentable. Please have a try of our demo machine.

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