Circulation scrubber



Processing discharged gas from industrial facilities
and solving odor problem and air pollution.

Benefits of BioDeorizer

  • Capture odorants using
    a water film.
    High gas‐liquid contact rate by generating water film.
  • High-Maintenance.
    The machine has a filter that is easy to maintain.
  • High performance Aqua Blaster aerator inside.
    By supplying enough oxygen into the water, the microorganisms become active.

A combination of a scrubbing system and bio-power.

BioDeoraizer creates a has high gas-water contact rate by generating water film.
The screen removes 1㎛ tiny particles and is easy to remove by one person for easy maintenance.
Prevent sludge and water from putrification. By preventing these problems, it becomes possible to use circulated water for a long time.

  1. Captures odorant by generating water film.
    High gas-water contact rate by generating water film.
  2. Simple maintenance
    Simple to exchange and clean.
  3. Using our high performance diffuser "AquaBlaster"
    Supplying enough oxygen inside the water, the microbes decompose the organic odorant and made the water clean and reusable.

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