The aerator that changed the concept of water processing.

Aqua Blaster


Aerator that has high oxygen-dissolving rate and makes a strong stirring effect
that has changed the concept of water processing.

Merit of installing Aqua Blaster

  • High oxygen dissolving efficiency
  • Strong stirring effect
  • Keeps aerobic state
  • Low running cost

Characteristic of Aqua Blaster

  • High oxygen dissolving efficiency
  • Generating micro bubble
  • Powerful stirring Effect
  • Perfect scale for Deep
    and shallow facility

The mechanism of Aqua Blaster

  1. Blow up the water and sludge with airlift effect.
    The power is 2.2~3.7 times stronger than the ordinary diffuser.
  2. Jet the air generated by the blower from the nozzle.
  3. Make the vapor‐liquid bump on to the wings and protuberance to generate stirring effect and micro-bubble.
  4. Downward flow happens and the micro- bubble supplied to all over the water-tank.

Aeration comparison


  • High oxygen dissolution value achieved by micro-bubble.
  • No pressure loss.
  • Strong stirring effect prevents from sludge to sediment.
  • Ordinary aerator
    The bottom of the tank gets anaerobic and the sludge sediments.
  • Aqua Blaster
    The oxygen is supplied to the whole tank and the sludge does not sediment.

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Product Name Product No. Appropriate Air volume Size Connector type
Aqua Blaster AS-250 175~275ℓ/min W110×H215 5K-10A Flange
AL-750 600~900ℓ/min W240×H465 10K-25A Flange

We can provide a demo machine and equipment for testing.

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